The "Drafter" Pen
The "Drafter" Pen
The "Drafter" Pen
The "Drafter" Pen
The "Drafter" Pen
The "Drafter" Pen

The "Drafter" Pen

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The Drafter V1.0

My first writing tool! I have been wanting to make one for quite some time but time itself got in the way. Here is my first early version. If you purchase one please give me some feedback.


G2 Brass - 1.7oz

G2 Copper - 1.8oz

G2 Ti - TBD

Parker Brass -

Parker Copper -

Parker Ti -

Know ink refill fits. Does not fit many right now. Revising asap.

G2 Fits

Pilot G2

Pilot LP2RF

Will fit most parkers with included spacer

Parker Fits

Schmidt 9000 Easy Flow

Most other parker

Parker style Schmidt Easy Flow (with spacer) Included 3d printed prototype

Fisher Space Pen (with spacer) Still Working On it, No ETA at this time.

From left to right  Pen finish Brushed, Stonewashed, Roughwashed

From left to right Clip finish Blasted, Stonewashed, Roughwashed

Options and variations to come at a later date.

I'm learning a lot about all the refills at the moment so fit feedback is appreciated!


6-28-2019 Prices are still reduced. Pens are good I just assume I will be making minor unnoticable changes and would still like to get feedback.