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Ripp's Garage Tech LLC

RGT Titanium Pocket Clip Screw Sets

RGT Titanium Pocket Clip Screw Sets

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Custom made Titanium Pocket Clip Screws are made here at RGT.

Intended for RGT pocket clips. They are flush fit for our universal and PM2 clips on standard height scales

May not fit some of the older RGT pocket clips, if you order some and they do not work please let us know.

Will work with the stock clips but sticks out both side, we will be making some that fit the stock clips eventually.

They will work with our contoured scales they are just a tad short so be careful threading them in.

Custom anodizing upon request, we are unable to do red, black, gold, orange. 

Thread length is .215, Head height is .05 and the head diameter is .165 and a T8 Torx

Longer than the stock screws.

We are UNABLE to anodize in black, red or gold.

**DLC now available! **

Do NOT fit Benchmade Pocket Clips. 

They are a little short for the RGT PM3 Contoured scales,

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