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Demko AD 20.5 Titanium Featherweight Scale Sets

Demko AD 20.5 Titanium Featherweight Scale Sets

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Custom Demko AD 20.5 Titanium Scale Sets.


Stonewash  is just plain jane stonewashed.

Blasted is just bead blasted.  We do not recommend this finish for the Angle Parallel pattern.   The pattern disappears.

Roughwash is bead blasted and then stonewashed for an excellent EDC finish,

Darkwash is dark blasted then stonewashed 

If you want anything other than stonewash and its out of stock shoot me an email and we can get you the finish you want! (Blasted, Roughwashed, Darkwashed,  Anodized and combinations) even if you don't see it listed, doesn't hurt to ask.  PLEASE EMAIL ME TO ASK BEFORE YOU ORDER!!!!!!

TIP:  When changing your Demko scales, make sure you have the two longest clip screws and you install the clip first before putting the rest together using the longest screws.

 Does not fit newer model with larger pivot screw.

Demko Assembled weight :  Original Scales 3.7 oz - - RGT Scales 4.91 oz

Check out our Demko Body and Clip Sets here 

We are UNABLE to anodize black, red or gold. 

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