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Benchmade Bugout Tero Tuf Scale Sets

Benchmade Bugout Tero Tuf Scale Sets

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Tero Tuf Custom Scales Sets for Benchmade Bugout

TeroTuf knife scale material possesses remarkable shock absorbing traits exceeding G10, carbon fiber and standard micartas for impact resilience. Its grip texture resembles sanded canvas micarta but unlike natural materials maintains positive traction even when wet. TeroTuf insulates against electrical currents, withstands up to 200F temperatures. The durable fibers resist wear over time, easily wash clean with soap/water and accept food safe oils to darken if desired. It really makes for a perfect scale on your EDC knife. 

We offer 12 different color options of Tero Tuff scales for your Bugout: 



-Navy Blue

-Forest Green

-Coyote Brown

-Olive Drab







If your Benchmade Bugout knife looks like this with standoffs featuring two flat sides, then our Tero Tuff replacement scale sets are guaranteed to properly fit when swapped. Simply disassemble knife to lift out factory scales, pop on your RGT scales securely using existing hardware, and reassemble for a transformed upgrade. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 



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