RGT Folder Prototype Pre Order. Limited number of 14!

Here is the pre-order sign up for my first folder. Please read all the details fully before proceeding. Please send an email to rippscnc@gmail.com after you order with your name and we can begin the process from there. 


Just so you are aware I do have a 98% working proto as of today. 2-10-2016. The only hurdles I have are lock fit and ironing out blade warping during milling (Easy), and the detent, Should be an easy fix too. This proto lockbar insert is titanium so the ball keeps getting pushed in. With a steel one and set to the right depth it should be rock solid. 


Without going into too much detail here I will send out newsletters every 2 weeks or more to update you on the process once the pre orders are full. Once I have it dialed in I will ask you all to individually write an email to me with your ideas for your personal customization that will happen on this pre-order. After the pre-order its going to be a free for all, whatever I make you get, first come first serve. 


Timeline for this project is going to be set at a very conservative 6-12 months. I expect to have them done sooner than 6 but I don't want to rush it. Time starts after all slots are full. 


Up to the first 14 




OAL - 3.15"  from tip to front of scale

Usable Cutting Lenth - 2.86"

Width - .125" 

Grind - CNC hollow

Blade Steel - Up to the first 14, We will take a vote and decide if I can work with it or not. 


OAL - 4.1" 

Material - Titanium Grade 5 6AL-4V

Thickness .125" 

Other Details

Titanium Hardware, Minus the pivot, This run will use steel AKS pivots. Possible titanium upgrade later. 

Lock bar insert - AEB-L steel May change. 

Ceramic AKS caged bearings and detent. 

Titanium 3D Clip - Shape is going to be modified. 




1. Tom S.

2. Blake B. 

3. Kevin C.

4.Ben B. 

5. Jonathan M. 

6. Brandon C. 

7. Sean B.

8. Joshua S. 

9. Steele P. 

10. Michael M. 

11. John H. 

12. Brandon C. 

13. Christian C.

14. Andrew L. 




$ 500.00

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