Skins Application

Applying Skin Scale Sets.

  1. Clean your original scales with windex or cleaner of your choice. 
  2. Sometimes it's hard to get the adhesive to separate from the backer and it can come off the cordura. In this case just stick it back together and try a different spot. To remove skins, use your fingernail, exacto knife or tool of choice carefully to  bring up the edge of the material and adhesive together. The rest should then peel off very smoothly.
  3. You then line up the rear screw with the hole on the skin. Do not press down firmly on the skin just yet. 
  4. Line up the skin with the pivot screw, again, not pressing firmly at this time in case you would need to make some adjustments. 
  5. Make sure the rest of the skin is lined up with the outer edges, lanyard tubes, clip holes etc then you can smooth out the skin and apply pressure for it to stay in place. 
  6. If you notice is covering the pivot screw, clip screw or is a little off you are able to slide the skin a little bit to get it better aligned, by apply some pressure and pushing in the direction it needs to go 
  7. Follow steps 1-6 on side two.

Skin Application Video