Materials & Finishes

    • Fat Carbon- is a synthetic carbon fiber composite material with alternating layers of carbon fiber and a color layer. When machined the contours reveal the different layers.
    • G-10 or garolite is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a type of composite material  It is created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaked in epoxy resin, then compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy cures.
    • Micarta- is a composite formed from layers of a substrate (cloth, paper, and carbon fiber, to name a few) compressed and set in resin. As a result, micarta is lightweight, strong, dependable, good-looking, stable, and cost-effective. Each batch can vary in color. 
    • Tero Tuf is more shock absorbent than micarta, g10 or carbon fiber and also provides a superior grip similar to rough sanded canvas micarta but produces a better grip than canvas micarta when wet. It is an electrical insulator and rated for temperatures up to 200F It provides a superior grip similar to rough sanded canvas micarta. Each batch can vary in color.
    • Ultem- a transparent amber colored high performance polymer material with high strength, rigidity, dimensional stability, heat and chemical resistance properties**LOCTITE is NOT recommended with ultem scales, as it will cause cracking**
    •  Titanium- is a lightweight metal alloy, and it offers the best corrosion (rust) resistance of any metal. It's a little heavier than aluminum but still considered a lightweight metal and much stronger. Alas, it's also more expensive to machine. 
    • Skin Sets- are made out of 500D Cordura Canvas with a 3M 9474LE 300LSE backing.

Micarta and Tero Tuf scale sets come dry. Each batch can vary in color. The natural oils of your hands will darken them up. You can also use any kind of cooking oil, mineral oil, baby oil, beard oil, Ballistol Oil to darken them up (remember a little oil goes a LONG way)!

Titanium Finishes: 

Stonewashed- is just plain jane stonewashed

Blasted- is bead blasted 

Roughwash- is bead blasted and then stonewashed for an excellent EDC finish

Darkwash- is dark blasted then stonewashed.

DLC- is a Diamond like carbon coating.



You can email us for any custom anodizing needs you have and we will do our best to meet what you are looking for!  Below you will find our anodizing chart that we go by. Anodizing may take a little extra time. We are UNABLE to anodize black or red.